Therapeutic Intervention

The Therapeutic component of the programme, forms the core around which all other sessions are interwoven. All the work in TRP is carried out in a safe, healthy, confidential, caring and nurturing environment. The programme aims to provide a broad based humanistic approach to the issue of drug and alcohol use: focusing on issues such as poly drug use and cross addiction on various substances. TRP uses a therapeutic/psycho social model which has a non-medical approach. By ‘therapeutic’ we mean to heal, to assist and to help restore a person’s well being. There is a vast and varied approach to the programme at TRP and in fact all sessions have a development and therapeutic aspect to them. We endeavour to support participants to evaluate and become aware of self-destructive thinking and behaviours which may underpin serious addiction problems. Participants are also asked to commit to a residential weekend within the duration of their programme. The residential setting is used to explore issues of loss and bereavement, relationships, life stories, etc..

Recovery Awareness

This module addresses people who are in the early stages of recovery. The approach is very practical and heightens the participant’s knowledge and awareness of their addiction.

Relapse Prevention

As people progress through the therapeutic process at TRP, there is a more in depth focus on certain issues that may arise as the person progresses through the Day Programme. Our trained qualified staff facitate various different modules and workshops these include:

Group Therapy Process

There are 3 process groups facilitated on a weekly basis. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and support each other in a peer led process in a caring and supportive enviroment.