Aftercare should not be an afterthought

Tallaght Wide Aftercare Service is a post rehabilitation service that seeks to positively reinforce the gains that people make during early recovery and in turn seeks to support people who wish to continue on the journey of recovery from addiction. The Aftercare is a relaxed person centred service that seeks to support and consolidates individuals post rehabilitation. The service maintains a continuum of care and is designed to meet the needs of those who access it to enable them to reintegrate back into the community in a way that maximizes individual supports and resources. We believe as a team that this is a supportive and nurturing setting for people who have engaged in rehab. Tallaght-wide aftercare service provides a friendly social setting for the participants where they can relax, and talk amongst their peers in a safe and positive environment. The aftercare holds various educational and informative workshops, which are important for maintaining an individual’s recovery. On top of this, the aftercare hosts organised events throughout the year, these social events are enjoyed by all in a safe and supportive environment.

Who is it for

Our Aftercare programme is ideal for people who fit the following requirements: Aftercare is for any individual who is on the road to Recovery


What to do next

If you think our service can support you, then the next step is to get a referral form filled in by your referring agency, or contact our Aftercare service directly.

・Make contact with Tallaght wide aftercare service

・Make an appointment for assessment

・Tour the facility and meet the staff

・Continue the journey to achieve enhanced quality of life