Programme Path

Following successful referral and assessment, the path of engagement on the programme is as follows:

Introduction to Day Program

0-3 months

The Introduction programme allows applicants become acclimatised to the nature and structure of the programme and allows the staff team to further assess the applicant’s suitability and readiness to engage in the rehabilitation process.

Phase 1

3-6 months

Phase 1 is designed to facilitate participants in gaining an understanding of and confidence in group work and become familiar with a therapeutic / educational environment. It is an opportunity to establish a routine, to stabilise practical aspects of participants’ lifestyle and set realistic goals. The emphasis is on addiction awareness, looking at attitudes to recovery, learning strategies to prevent relapse and becoming aware of the pitfalls in early recovery.

Phase 2

6-9 months

Phase 2 is designed for people with a level of awareness suited to actively and realistically work toward change. Here there is a greater emphasis on therapeutic group work, which is more challenging for participants. Through particular interventions participants are encouraged to gain a better understanding of their addiction and address any underlying issues. This phase is marked by lifestyle stability and also a deeper level of awareness and a willingness to explore and process the issues, behaviours and attitudes related to addiction. Some family involvement would be encouraged at this stage.

Phase 3 – Step up

8 – 12 weeks

This programme offers participants an opportunity to address the issues arising in preparation for leaving the programme, coping with change and planning for the future and is delivered in the final three months of their programme. It includes job-search and interview skills, CV and portfolio building, researching part or full time education courses and identifying outside supports.

Phase 4 – Move on and Aftercare

9 – 12 months

TRP offer a one-year aftercare programme, although the services are available for participants for longer if they wish. This support is tailored to suit the needs of the individual. TRP now provides a state of the art Aftercare building for people from the Tallaght wide area who may have completed residential or day programme rehabilitation. This aftercare offers a comprehensive continuum of care for people in recovery. Please see aftercare page for more information.